PDH Premier Diversified Holdings – Company Description

PDH – Premier Diversified Holdings

Premier Diversified Holdings (PDH) is a Vancouver BC based investment holding company run by Sanjeev Parsad. Sanjeev took over Premier Diagnostics in 2014 through his MPIC hedge funds.  Under Sanjeev Premier Diagnostics transitioned to Premier Diversified Holdings. As part of the transition the company has changed from a life sciences company to an investment holding company. The company still operates original Premier Diagnostics business all though a more stripped down version of it.

Sanjeev is known in value investing circles as founder of  The Corner of Berkshire and Fairfax. The Corner of Berkshire and Fairfax is an internet message board. It is frequented by value oriented investors. Discussions primarily focus on investment ideas but there is also general discussion about other topics.

PDH Premier Diversified Holdings Office
Premier Diversified Holdings Office in Vancouver, BC

Premier Diversified Holdings Links

Value Ashram blog posts about PDH.

You will find PDH’s financial fillings and documents on SEDAR.

The CSE has a page for PDH that shows information on the stock trading history. It also shows the order book.

The Corner of Berkshire and Fairfax has a discussion thread on PDH. Sanjeev Parsad the CEO will occasionally comment from time to time.