Premier Diversified Holdings (PDH) – Is Medtech a dud?

Is GoEvisit getting any traction?

Premier Diversified Holdings has an investment in Medtech. We reviewed their tele-medicine product GOeVisit (Medtech) last year. Tele-medicine is a growing market. Investing in successful startup in the space could be a much needed home run for Premier Diversified Holdings. But how is Medtech executing? Spoiler alert, it does not look good.

Last year their competitor Akira had much better app store download and review metrics. Lets reflect on last years Apple App Store metrics and compare it to this year. Metrics for both are in the table below. Below the table are recent screenshots from the IOS App store for both apps.

AppApp Store Reviews 11/2018App Store Reviews11/2019Avg Rating 11/2018Avg Rating 11/2019
GOeVisit has been rated 28 times in the Apple App Store with an average rating of 3.9
Akira has been rated 2.2K times with an average rating of 4.9.

The numbers don’t look good

We can’t compare percentages here because the absolute numbers are so different. However on any dimension Akira seems to be chugging along with solid growth and high app satisfaction. Akira’s review count has grown over 5x. While GOevisit is still in the low single digits.

It is hard to infer what the actual review to download ratio is. More on that subject here. The ratio can vary based on many factors including the app’s vertical market. In addition if a marketing team engages with customers well they can influence the ration of reviews to downloads. I speculate that a healthcare app in a new market like tele-medicine thrives on word of mouth and evangelism of existing customers. Based on GOeVisit’s review, the few customers they have are not going to tell their friends to try the app.

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